About Us

Dumi – Lindiwe Systems, (to be referred to as, D & L Systems) was formed as a close corporation, specializing in Heavy Industrial Cleaning, and Air Conditioning services. D & L Systems is a newly incorporated business, duly registered late in the year 2004, providing, on one hand Traditional Cleaning services and allied business; and high-tech convenient goods and services to corporate entities, individuals households and offices. The products offerings include, but not limited to, Heavy Industrial Cleaning, Water Coolers and Air-Conditioners, and related support services.

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The business is owned by Ms Lindiwe Sithole, who has all the signing powers and voting rights, who works closely with the senior managers of other key business offerings, as illustrated above.

The founding member is Ms Lindiwe Sithole, who through experience gained in the related businesses, decided to form Dumi-Lindiwe Systems. Dumi is a shortened name for Dumisani her husband. She initially intended to form a family business with her husband and later on changed away from the idea of a family business, but the business continues to be Dumi-Lindiwe Systems, commonly known as D & L Systems. She and she alone is a registered owner with all signing and voting powers. After working in Gauteng Province, the owner, decided to come back to the home province to plough-back her skills and knowledge by re-establishing the business in KwaZulu-Natal, in Richards Bay, in Unit 5, 61 Ceramic Curve, Alton.

Our Objectives

Our Mission

Our Values

  • To provide high quality and services at all times
  • To provide speed and efficiency within our processes
  • To cater to our customer individual needs
  • ┬áTo make every effort to retain our customers through our business ethics.

Our mission is to Offers our customers high quality and good value services and strives for excellence in all what we do; and manages business effectively and efficiently, attracting investment/new business and maintaining sufficient surplus funds within the business to ensure growth and continuous development of the business.

  • The responsibilities of business: beyond owners towards stakeholders.
  • The business behaviour: beyond the letter of the law towards a spirit of trust.
  • Respect the rules.
  • Avoidance of illicit operations.
  • Respect for the environment.

Our Vision

To be a proudly South African business with a strong presence in all provinces by the year 2020


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